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Karaoke on Rails!

Karaoke vector

This is not so much a new addition to my collection, but a migration of my old PHP karaoke app over to Ruby on Rails. I’d been wanting to make some enhancements to the old app and had been looking for something new to further extend my knowledge of this powerful framework. Only 6 months ago I started using Rails for back-end development (coming from several years working with PHP) but now totally sold to it’s usage to build solid fully-tested apps quickly. Also, the ability to quickly locate additional libraries (gems) for a given task as well as contribute your own (which is something I was pleased I could do for this app) is something that I really like. Continue reading →

My new WordPress powered website

Screenshot of blue and orange website

Recently I built my new website on top of WordPress to allow me to blog more about things I was currently studying, working on or just random thoughts regarding web development and internet technologies. In this article I’ll give a brief overview of how I was able to convert my old website over to WordPress whilst preserving the layout through custom WordPress themes and templates.

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