No-framework JavaScript

Matchstick structure

Recently I’ve been stripping out jQuery and Vue from a page I’d been working on. Frameworks can be really useful, but when not utilised fully it’s worth asking whether importing an entire library or framework is necessary. In this post, I’ll share some basic ideas using native vanilla JavaScript.

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Location based personalisation and APIs

Location based personalisation is when a page is personalised for a user depending on their location. For example, a user from China could be shown a notification to visit a company’s Chinese micro-site, or users from India visiting a university website could be shown a block of content informing them about popular courses Indian students apply for. When used in this way, the marketing power of your website can be greatly enhanced. Continue reading →

A Foundation 6 / SASS work-flow

Vector graphic of Foundation yeti in a space rocket

Foundation is one of the most advanced front-end frameworks for building responsive websites. It is designed to work on all types of devices. It uses SASS which is a CSS pre-processor helping to reduce repetition with CSS and save time. In this short tutorial, I’ll discuss my current workflow using these two technologies. Continue reading →

Zend Framework 1 and PHPUnit: Controller tests

Zend Framework logo on green background

This is a example of PHPUnit testing for Zend Framework 1. I haven’t used this framework for a while but do recall the struggle to achieve automated testing on routes. So, if anyone reading this is still stuck on this old framework I hope this might be of some help 🙂 Continue reading →

A Bootstrap 3 / LESS work-flow

Bootstrap stack logo

Currently working on a project and on this occasion worked from the beginning by overwriting Bootstrap’s variables (as opposed to simply just overwriting its styles). My workflow, which will no doubt change as I discover new and better ways, for now it’s working out well. Continue reading →


Scottish independence flags

今月、歴史的なスコットランド独立住民投票もあります。それでスコットランド人はイギリスイギリスから抜けて、独立した国になることを決めます。賛成が多数なら、スコットランド人だけで自国の政治を行えるし、核兵器を放棄することができるし、国民保険サービスを守ることができるし、独立したほうがいいと思います。しかし、どんな通貨を使うのかとか、どのぐらい石油があるかなどの心配があるので、揉めている人が多いです。実は私は外国に住んでいるので投票権がありません。もし投票ができれば、ぜひ賛成します。独立国として今よりいい社会をつくることができると思います。 Continue reading →


わたしのノートパッドは時代遅れなので、好きなOSの旧バーション以外動かすのがあまりよくではありませんでした。だから今年新しいノートパソコンを買いました。そのおかげで、問題なく、現在のバーションを動かすことができます。 Continue reading →